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How Restaurants Can Benefit From Just-in-Time Delivery

How Restaurants Can Benefit From Just-in-Time Delivery

Ordering the supplies necessary for running a restaurant is a never-ending task that lies somewhere between ordering analytics and taking a shot in the dark. It can be challenging to accurately guess about future supply needs. But for those whose restaurants have the right delivery infrastructure in place, it can be a piece of cake. Here are three ways for how restaurants can benefit from just-in-time delivery.

Fresh Produce

One of the things that help to separate a restaurant from the competition is having the highest quality ingredients, especially produce. By utilizing just-in-time delivery, it is possible to have fresh produce delivered the next day to your business. Everything from tomatoes and lettuce to fresh strawberries and nectarines can arrive by the next day. Your restaurant can use fresh ingredients instead of produce that has been sitting in storage for days on end.

Food Delivery

Using a just-in-time delivery system can also help with the rest of your food orders as well. Unlike produce, other food does not need to be used immediately, so having a backstock is not unusual. The problem begins when you have more products to store than you can safely hold. This can create an unsafe work environment and potentially expose food to unsafe conditions. When you use a just-in-time delivery service for food orders, you can get just the right amount delivered.

Business Essentials

The last way restaurants can benefit from just in time delivery is through the restaurant’s operational needs. One of the overlooked benefits of just-in-time delivery is how it allows your business to scale your order to meet demand. You can order your other business essentials as you need them instead of receiving them on a set schedule. This is great for items like kitchen utensils and drinking glasses, where you only order them as you need them. This also allows you to stay dynamic with your menus so that they are always fresh and interesting.

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