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Tips for Tiring Out Your High-Energy Puppy

Tips for Tiring Out Your High-Energy Puppy

Raising a new puppy is tiring, especially when it seems to never run out of energy. Ample exercise for your new pet is vital to its health and your sanity. Try a few of these tips for tiring out your high-energy puppy that you can both benefit from.

Try Out Puppy Daycare

A dog daycare facility is one of the best places to let your dog expend its energy. Doggy daycares can house just a few or a hundred dogs, depending on the facility. Either way, your dog will be surrounded by equally active dogs to run and play with all day long.

Send your dog to daycare a few times a week while you’re at work or even just once a week, depending on how hyper your dog can get after a few days cooped up inside. Most daycare facilities will also offer plenty of other pet services you may need. From grooming and veterinarian services to boarding while you’re on vacation, try to find a daycare facility that can become a one-stop-shop for your puppy’s needs.

Set Up Playdates

If you have friends or family with dogs or know of a friendly pup in the neighborhood, reach out to set up a playdate. Meet in a local park or a big backyard, and let your dogs play for a few hours. Don’t worry about age differences, either. Older dogs will show your puppy the ropes.

Go for a Walk or Two

No matter what age your dog is, a daily walk is essential for its health, and a stroll around the block will get rid of some of its built-up energy. For high-energy puppies, you may even want to consider two walks a day. Consider adding a morning and evening walk to your dog’s daily routine to keep its destructive energy at bay.

Exercise Its Mind

Mental exercise is just as important as physical exercise for a rambunctious puppy. There are plenty of dog puzzles on the market or toys such as Kong balls that you can fill with treats to keep your dog’s mind activated and engaged.

Puppies have so much energy that it can be challenging to keep up sometimes. Try a few of these tips for tiring out your high-energy puppy so that you can get some rest, and it can get the exercise it needs.

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