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What Safety Equipment To Have on Your Job Site

What Safety Equipment To Have on Your Job Site

Being a construction worker can be extremely dangerous. With this being the reality, it’s beyond important that the safety of the individual and the job site is always prioritized. You don’t want an individual falling, being hit with an object, being electrocuted, or even worse, dying. The safety precautions and requirements that must be followed depends on the job being completed. However, in general, here are some general insights into what safety equipment to have on your job site. We want you to be safe and prepared, always!

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Every individual needs to have the proper PPE and wear it whenever they’re present on the job site. PPE includes items such as protective gloves, hearing protection, full face shields for cutting/grinding/chipping, hard hats, chemical splash goggles, safety vests, and other proper clothing. After reading this list of items you can see how important it is to the overall safety of the individual to have and use them. Job sites can be dirty, so having spare PPE items as a backup will be beneficial.

Proper Rigging Supplies

Rigging is a very dangerous aspect of construction, so ensuring the proper equipment is used is essential. No rigging or hoisting should be done unless the equipment has been thoroughly checked and all necessary requirements have been followed. Not following the proper protocols on the job sites that require rigging can be extremely dangerous and even deadly. Don’t let this be the case and hire out a company if yours cannot properly handle this specific task.

General Safety Supplies

There are items in general that every job site should always have to promote safety. Some of these items include caution tape to mark areas where individuals should not go, fire extinguishers if a fire were to occur, eyewash bottles incase debris or another substance enters the eyes, and a first-aid kit. All these items and more should be easily reachable on a job site incase an accident or situation occurs. Not having these things could be more harmful than the accident itself.

Having the general safety supply items on hand, knowing when a job needs professionals to safely complete it, and always wearing PPE will help keep the construction workers safe on a job site. Hopefully, this information on what safety equipment to have on your job site provided you with the reminder you needed. Work should be a safe place, so do what you can to keep yourself and others safe, always.

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