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Tips for Updating Your Office Restroom

Tips for Updating Your Office Restroom

As we tell our kids during potty training, everybody poops. And just because you are in the middle of your workday doesn’t mean that you are immune from the call of nature. So, having a well-designed and comfortable place to take care of your business so that you can get back to conducting business is critical. Here are five tips for updating your office restroom that will make your break much more enjoyable.

Quality Paper Products

We all know the pain of needing to wipe in a public stall only to discover that the available toilet paper is less than desirable. From feeling like sandpaper to being thin enough to see through, the selection in many office restrooms is quite dismal. All it takes to increase employee happiness is to up the ply level of the paper products.


Like so much of the technology that defines our lives, the next obvious step is to make as much of the restroom as hands-free as possible. This can include sensors for the toilets that automatically flush, sinks that turn on and off when they sense your hands, and soap and paper towel dispensers that respond to your wave. If the bathroom door swings inward, consider installing a pull handle at the base that you can open with your foot to prevent the spread of germs.

Durable Building Materials

Let’s be real, it isn’t very often that you will be upgrading your office bathroom. So, when you are doing it, be sure to use materials that you know will stand up to the wear and tear of daily use for years on end. This is just one of the many reasons why following basic design principles can make your workplace bathroom stand out. Having an office restroom in which the design matches and complements the materials used to craft it will allow the room to look good long into the future.

Scent Control

Ready for another harsh reality of restrooms? They stink. I know, not exactly a mind-blowing statement. But that doesn’t mean you can’t take steps to reduce the unpleasant scent. Instead of adding more smells into the room, you should instead consider investing in a small scent diffuser to help keep the air clean. You can also install bottles of potpourri on the back of each toilet tank to help reduce scent anxiety for your stall neighbors.

Soaps and Lotions

As with the previous four tips for upgrading your office restroom, this one also involves using high-quality products instead of the cheap industrial stuff, in this case for hand soaps and lotions. High-quality soaps and lotions will keep germs from spreading while preventing dry skin. Consider stocking your dispensers with scented soaps for the best results.

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