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A Bachelor’s Guide To Cleaning Your Home

A Bachelor’s Guide To Cleaning Your Home

Part of the appeal of being a bachelor is the ability to dedicate your time and money to things that you find important. But even people who live alone don’t want to spend their time in filth and squalor. There are several simple tasks you can complete if you want to keep your home clean. Here is a bachelor’s guide to cleaning your home.

Keep Things Simple

Some men try to take on too much, too quickly. One of the keys to maintaining a clean home is to keep things as simple as possible. Start with the little things. Making your bed and putting your clothes directly into a laundry basket will help keep your bedroom clean. Immediately washing dishes and putting them away will do the same for your kitchen. And you should immediately clean any spills to avoid stains. Performing these tasks as they come up instead of letting them sit makes cleaning much quicker and less of a chore.

Stay on Top

Bachelors should also strive to stay on top of cleaning tasks such as vacuuming and dusting. You should also be prepared to spend time cleaning your bathroom, especially the toilet and shower, so that the room looks and smells hygienic. Try spreading the work out to avoid burning out or skipping tasks. Set up a weekly cleaning schedule for slightly larger projects and tackle one or two each day to keep your home manageable.

Occasional Tasks

The last step in our bachelor’s guide to cleaning your home is to complete the bigger cleaning tasks at regular intervals. These are tasks you don’t need to address as frequently as others. This includes knowing when to flip or rotate your mattress to preserve its lifespan, but you should only do this based on manufacturer recommendations. And keeping your gutters free of debris before the cold winter weather arrives helps prevent ice from forming and ruining your roof. You should replace the dirty filters in your furnace and air conditioning units every few months to keep allergens in check. The same goes for deep cleaning your oven and stove to avoid a buildup of dirt and grime.

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