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Green Features To Add to New Home Construction

Green Features To Add to New Home Construction

In an ever-changing market, homes with more green considerations are fast becoming the most desirable homes. The modern home buyer is well-educated on the importance of low-carbon–footprint construction and the money-saving potential green features offer.

To keep up with the competition, home builders have to stay up to date with the latest products and materials. The savviest builders are always on the hunt for new green features to add to new home construction.

Built-In Alternative Energy

A major change in construction through the last twenty years has been the gradual uptick in putting more energy options in the hands of homeowners. Geothermal energy and solar energy were once things of the future; solar panels and other grid dependency–reducing technology was strictly for government facilities and eccentric compound groups. Now, new homes are commonly built with these amazing money- and energy-saving options.

Renewable Resources

Some of the best green features to add to new home construction are renewable resources. There may have been a time when everyone was thrilled by the idea of homes featuring exotic woods, but people are warier these days. With the threat of wood species endangerment all over the news, most modern home buyers prefer more local woods that they know have been responsibly harvested. Luckily, there’s a wide variety of woods available to build with that are beautiful and that can save money, such as alder, oak, and maple. Adding finishing touches—such as solid wood doors, trim, and fixtures made from renewable species—will have a big effect on potential buyers.

Heat-Reflective Features

Another great way to attract green-conscious buyers is to utilize reflective features that reduce wear and tear on heating and cooling systems. Heat-abortive tar roofing is a thing of the past—new materials are available. Using lighter-colored or reflective shingles reduces solar heating of the house, maintaining a steady internal temperature. Windowpanes that reduce the effects of dangerous UV light also help a house stay at a constant cool temperature. With these features, homeowners save money in the summer by reducing the need to keep the AC running constantly.

Home builders can contribute to a greener future in many ways. In addition to helping the planet, they can also help themselves by taking advantage of the ever-growing interest in lessening the carbon footprint of modern living.

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