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How To Avoid Accidents With Sheet Metal Bending Equipment

How To Avoid Accidents With Sheet Metal Bending Equipment

Most metalworking accidents are a result of negligence in the workshop. Oversights at work can vary in scale—from an individual forgetting to wear protective gloves to supervisors disregarding safety guidelines for their facility. The equipment in a metal manufacturing hub is complex, making proper operation vital to workplace safety. To decrease the metalworking hazards of your position, understand how to avoid accidents with sheet metal bending equipment.

Enforce Adequate Training and Operating

Everyone in your facility should know the risks of each metalworking machine and how to operate them effectively. While reading the instruction manual can give workers an idea of a machine’s basics, they should receive guided training to learn correct operating practices.

Not all sheet metal bending equipment is complicated. Regardless of the complexity or simplicity of a machine, you should always use caution when operating. Read up on recommendations for efficient machine use, starting with tips for using sheet metal brakes safely.

Warm up Machinery Before Using in Cold Temperatures

If you’re using equipment in a chilly atmosphere, turn it on and let it warm up before working. Allowing the machinery to warm up before operating will provide you with a smoother process. This technique should be included in training.

A warm machine reduces the risk of stressed parts breaking down. A breakdown in the middle of metal bending can be hazardous to the operator.

Place Your Materials at the Correct Angle

When learning how to avoid accidents with sheet metal bending equipment, it’s important to recognize the hazards of the materials you’re using. Sheet metal can be awkward and difficult to move, making optimal placement on the equipment critical.

Fabricators must accurately angle the metal they’re working with to prioritize their safety and produce a precise bend. Manipulating metal at an incorrect angle can cause impact and injury.

Be Mindful of Your Digits

Every workplace professional and visitor should be always mindful of their proximity to machinery. Guards and barriers can protect people from getting their clothes or fingers snagged in equipment.

Even with barriers up, some sections of metal bending machines can cause damage. Consider employing alarms and lights to indicate to employees when machines are starting up, so they know to remain clear.

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