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Rolling in the Green: Cutting Costs for Your Business

Rolling in the Green: Cutting Costs for Your Business

Successful business owners understand that to make a profit, everything works together—including a budget. Budgets will change throughout the years of a business as the business grows and experiences ups and downs. As you look at your margins to see how the year is going, consider how the company can lower expenses. Cutting costs for your business can be done with the following thoughts in mind.


Traveling is often necessary because of the nature of business, but it may be worth stepping back and looking at how the travel is being used. Could technology step in for travel to save the company some money?

If you’re flying once a week for a meeting, for instance, could that meeting be done virtually instead? Sometimes face-to-face communication is absolutely necessary. Other times, a meeting could be run through laptops at no cost.

The Server

Technology is everything in today’s world, no matter the business. Your server has to keep up.

It may be time to switch from a hard disk drive format to SSD (solid state drive), which will save space and money in the long run.

Allow cooling periods for servers so they don’t overheat, leading to more expense. Make sure the company’s servers are being used properly by offering proper training.


Consider outsourcing needs such as Human Resources, payroll, and IT. These areas are time consuming, can never be mishandled, and the need to hire more employees to cover it all will cost more than outsourcing.


We might all be surprised to know how much paper we can go through in just a year. With the help of email, video chat, and all other technology options, paper can be limited quite a bit. As you implement other forms of copying and communication, you’ll start to see the need for more paper really go down.

Remote Work

If the last year has taught us anything, it’s that more jobs can be done from home than we realized.

Take a good look at which positions only require a laptop to be successful. Eliminating office space will trickle down into cost savings everywhere as building needs shrink.

Your employees will thank you when they now have stay-at-home options.

Cutting costs for your business will take some time and usually happens daily with small steps. Use these ideas, along with a little patience, and soon you will start to see the effects.

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