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Different Types of Physically Active Jobs

Different Types of Physically Active Jobs

Many jobs involve sitting at a desk for most of the day—perhaps getting up a few times to fill up on coffee or go to the restroom. Such a sedentary lifestyle can have numerous negative health consequences such as an increased risk of cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes, and depression. If you’re interested in pursuing a career that will help you avoid such health issues, take a look at these different types of physically active jobs.

Wildland firefighting

From hiking through rugged terrain to carrying heavy loads, wildland firefighting is an extremely physically demanding career. Pursuing a job in this profession will put your muscular strength and endurance to the test and require you to stay in peak physical condition. While the exact physical demands of a wildland firefighter will depend on the specific position, all wildland firefighters must at least be able to complete a three-mile hike in 45 minutes or less while wearing a 45-lb. pack.

Construction worker

Construction work is another type of physically active job. Some of the many physical demands that construction workers must meet include lifting or pushing heavy objects, standing on one’s feet for several hours at a time, and climbing up and down ladders. To have a successful career as a construction worker, a substantial amount of physical strength and stamina is essential.

Fitness trainer

An obvious physically active job is fitness training. Fitness trainers are responsible for leading and instructing an individual or group of people throughout various exercises. Depending on their client and specialty, a fitness trainer may engage in cardiovascular activities, strength training, or stretching. To properly assist and motivate clients, fitness trainers must maintain a high level of physical fitness.


Farmers spend most of their day completing physical tasks. While labor saving machines and equipment can reduce the physical burden that farmers face, a substantial amount of a farmer’s responsibilities will likely still require a large amount of physical effort.

Farmers must complete many physically demanding tasks including fertilizing crops, maintaining machinery, transporting crops, shoveling, and weeding. It’s worth noting that those who choose to work on smaller farms are generally more active than those employed at larger agricultural enterprises.

Different Types of Physically Active Jobs

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