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Things To Fix Around Your House Before They Get Worse

Things To Fix Around Your House Before They Get Worse

There are many things around our homes that’ll require maintenance, especially over time. Even if you keep work hard to keep everything in top condition, you’ll still run into appliances that break and parts of your house that need fixing or replacing. Learn some of the things to fix around your house before they get worse by reading below.

Clean Your Fridge and Coils

Refrigerators are common pieces of home equipment that can get incredibly dirty if you don’t maintain them properly. Many refrigerators have coils on the backs and underneath them. These areas commonly get buildups of dirt, dust, and other types of debris. After a while, this can block off the airflow the refrigerator needs to properly work. Use a refrigerator coil-brush to reach underneath and clean the coils off. (Also, it’s wise to clean the inside of your refrigerators, especially if you keep a large amount of food in it.)

Clean Your Dryer of Lint

If you don’t get rid of dryer lint buildup, it could actually cause a fire. Unfortunately, lint is highly combustible, and it can build up in the vent and obstruct it, overheating the machine. When you clean out your dryer’s lint trap, check the vent. Make sure to unplug the dryer first and pull it away from the wall. Check the connector to see if it’s dented, cut, or kinked. If it is, it should be replaced.

Fix Any Masonry That’s Crumbling

Mortar used in homes that have brick can start to deteriorate and crumble over time. If you notice deep cracks in the mortar, you’re wise to fix it before it continues to get worse. You can make repairs to the mortar by grouting. You can do this by mixing up some Portland cement and filling in the cracks. If you need more invasive repairs, you may have to use tuckpointing, which involves using an angle grinder and a plugging chisel to remove the old mortar. You’ll have to pack the new mortar into the joints once the old material is removed.

Fix or Replace Your Windows

This is one of the major things to fix around your house before they get worse. There are many ways you can tell if your windows are having issues. If your rooms are really drafty, there might be leaks in your windows. They could be starting to rot or fitted in the wall incorrectly. Some other signs your windows weren’t installed properly are squeaky noises or that they won’t shut correctly. It’s best to get this looked at immediately. It can increase your energy bill by having to constantly run heating because your home is always cold. Consider having your windows checked for gaps and see if they need to be refitted.

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