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Common Interior Design Mistakes People Make

Common Interior Design Mistakes People Make

When decorating a room, many people fear making a design mistake that will be on public display for anyone who steps foot in your house. This often leaves the room feeling underwhelming, as people avoid making any bold choices. Here is a look at some of the most common interior design mistakes people make and how to correct them.

No Plan or Budget

Failure to plan the room and set a budget before you begin can doom your project from the start. Take measurements and create a floor plan before beginning. This makes narrowing down your options much more manageable.

Wrong Lighting

You could have the most beautiful living room on the planet, but if the lighting is off, that won’t matter. Natural light is always beautiful, but artificial lighting can be as well. More earthy themes typically need warmer lighting, while metals and bolder rooms often require whiter lights.


Having too many things in your room can make the area feel overwhelming. Keep things simple and avoid too many distractions to allow the decorations you have to stand out.

Not Personal

You also don’t want the room to feel devoid of personality. Don’t go overboard, but remember to include personal mementos and photographs to avoid a stale room.

Poor Color Choices

Making poor color choices is one of the most common interior design mistakes people make when decorating a room. Mismatched and trendy (but temporary) color palates can stick with your living room for decades. Consulting a color expert when considering paint options will help avoid many of the common color pitfalls.

Furniture Positioning

Finally, consider the position of the furniture in the room carefully. You may find it easy to fill the room with all of the necessary living room furniture pieces. Avoid the urge to push the furniture against the wall to create a room where people feel welcome to mingle, based on the pieces’ grouping.

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