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Military Gear To Take on Camping Trips

Military Gear To Take on Camping Trips

After a few camping trips, you can feel like you’ve done it all. You’ve ratcheted up the intensity from light escapades in the forest preserve to taking on the big state parks. Now, you’re looking to go seriously off the grid.

For this, you’re going to need more than a plastic tent, a sleeping bag, and a reliable pair of boots. You wanted intense? Serious trips are going to require military-grade equipment. If you’re looking for military gear to take on camping trips, here are a few suggestions that will properly outfit you and your party for your toughest trip—at least in civilian life—to date.

Tactical Backpacks

You’ll have a lot to take with you on your trip. As you gather your supplies, you’ll need a tough tactical backpack to contain them. Tactical backpacks are designed to expand to fit their contents, they’re widely customizable, and most of all, they’re built to last. The Army wouldn’t have it any other way.

Tactical Boots

With a tactical backpack on your back, you’ll want tactical boots on your feet, too. Waterproof, thick-soled, and supportive without being rigid, a coyote-brown pair of military boots is a necessity for any tricky terrain you encounter. You could be putting your feet to the ultimate test with this trip—take care of them.


If even your tactical backpack finds itself getting full, you may look to streamline your cargo. One way to do this is with a trusty multi-tool, which does the work of a knife, can opener, magnifying glass, and more, all in one unit. For an authentic complement to your gear, go with the Gerber Multi-Plier 600, the military standard for multi-tools.

Fleece Jackets

Don’t get caught off-guard by how cold it can get at night. Keep a fleece-lined military jacket on hand for steep temperature drops. Military-grade fleece provides lightweight insulation that keeps you warm without sacrificing range of motion—important if you’re trekking through the woods.


You don’t just need water for your camping trips—you need something more sophisticated than flimsy plastic water bottles to hold it. Canteens and water bladders for your tactical backpack round out the military gear to take on camping trips by making it easier to stay hydrated while in motion. If you need to keep your hands free, you can go straight for a straw to get your fluids.

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