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A Beginner’s Guide To the Metal Fabrication Industry

A Beginner’s Guide To the Metal Fabrication Industry

Metal fabrication is all around us. You’d be amazed how much sheet metal surrounds you on a daily basis. Since we’re around these materials every day, you think more people would know about the industry. But surprisingly, most people don’t know a lot about metal fabrication. That’s why we’ve provided this beginner’s guide to the metal fabrication industry. If you read a little more about the profession, you may develop a stronger appreciation for it.


The metalworking industry has come a long way in recent years. In the old days, workers would have to do everything by hand. Now, they have machines at their disposal to make their jobs easier. For example, plasma cutters are now found in every metal shop. These devices can slice through thick material using a high-powered laser. If you want to learn more about this, read about the real-world applications of roll forming.

Safety First

It’s true that fabricators don’t have to do much by hand anymore. But that doesn’t mean workers should disregard safety. Many of these machines are very dangerous if you use them the wrong way. For this reason, every shop owner should have safety training in place.

  • Employers should give their staff the proper personal protective equipment to keep them safe while they’re on the job. PPE should include goggles and heavy-duty gloves that prevent damage to the eyes and hands.
  • Supervisors should also place safety signs around the shop to ensure that everyone remembers their training when using the machines.
  • The buddy system is also useful in these environments. Coworkers should work on jobs together in case something goes wrong.

Going Green

The metal fabrication industry is trying to go green. Manufacturers are investing in sustainable machinery that limits waste and reduces their carbon footprint. Hybrid cutting machines are perfect for those focusing on becoming eco-friendly. The devices are fast and don’t waste as much material as their counterparts.

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