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Great Uses for Vacant Plots of Land

Great Uses for Vacant Plots of Land

Where you pass by a vacant lot, you should see an opportunity to make some incredible improvements for your community that benefit the residents and improve the area’s value. If you’re unsure how best to utilize empty space within your community, allow us to suggest some of the great uses for vacant plots of land that will offer new facilities and amenities for your residents to enjoy.

Parks and Playgrounds

One of the simplest—but not lesser—additions to any community is the creation of a public park or playground. Not only is this amenity a great way to encourage community interaction by giving individuals a focal point to gather and meet, but such amenities increase your community’s property value.

A playground is a great addition to a public park if your community has a lot of young families in the area. This encourages further use of your park by allowing kids a place to play and exercise in a safe and unique space they couldn’t get elsewhere.

Community Gardens

Other great uses for vacant plots of land include community projects. We highly recommend a community garden. This gives residents with a green thumb a space to work together and cultivate beautiful plants and crops. This, in turn, encourages unity within the community by giving them a goal to work toward. Those who don’t participate in the project will also appreciate the community garden, as it offers a beautiful view and creates an increase in the property value within the community.

Recreational Centers

If you have a particularly large plot of land to work with, consider creating a recreation center. These centers can be multi-faceted as an amenity that offers opportunities for residents of the community to try out different sports and activities provided by the facility. The recreational center can also offer other enjoyable activities, like camps for kids to enjoy or classes that allow residents to try new hobbies and skills. Recreational centers are very malleable to fit the interests and opportunities of your community’s environment.

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