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The Benefits of Horseback Riding

The Benefits of Horseback Riding

The riding of horses can be advantageous to a variety of people from different age groups and with different abilities. Knowing the benefits of horseback riding can help with a range of physical, mental, and emotional issues or delays.

Develops Core Strength

One of the most physically beneficial aspects of horseback riding is the strengthening of the core. In horseback riding, one has nothing to lean on and an unstable surface that forces one to hold themselves up, thus activating core muscles and developing core strength. Maintaining proper posture during riding or working toward it engages the core the whole time to keep the rider on the horse.

Improves Coordination

Coordination is very important when horseback riding. This skill requires the rider to coordinate their own movements to that of the horse’s, in addition to being able to direct the horse around obstacles. Holding onto the animal with the legs while holding the reins and saddle horn to navigate takes synchronization. Working to strengthen the core, posture, and improve coordination can be very helpful in aiding those with gait disorders gain control of their body and walk easier.

Encourages Trust

To be successful while riding, trust between the horse and rider needs to be developed. Sometimes animals are unpredictable, and a rider who has experienced a fall or injury may be leery. Using trust-building exercises with the horse so both parties feel more comfortable is essential. Mutual respect, interpretation of reactions, and building trust with horses are all very beneficial aspects of horseback riding.

Increases Socialization

During horseback riding, there are many people around who can lend support and help care for the animal. Getting to know these people will help build a community. Additionally, horses respond well to conversation and take direction through verbal cues. Gaining social skills and using developed speech to communicate wants and needs is a large part of this activity.

When exploring the benefits of horseback riding, you’ll find there are almost endless possibilities. From speech down to foot control, this activity is stimulating for the brain and all the parts it controls. This skill can be used for people working with disabilities, as well as anyone else. The advantages of horseback riding on the body and mind are worth discovering.

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