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Tips for the Perfect At-Home Car Wash

Tips for the Perfect At-Home Car Wash

While the convenience of modern car washes is nice, there’s no better clean than one done by hand. When done right, hand washing your car will leave it looking as good as the day you bought it and serve as a protection measure against the harsh hazards of the environment. Allow us to give you some tips for the perfect at-home car wash to ensure you’re getting the best out of your hard work.

Picking the Right Soap

Many people receive the bad advice of using dish soap to clean their cars. While dish soap is a powerful cleaning agent, it’s made for what the name suggests: dishes. Instead, it will only strip the wax off your vehicle and dull the paint of your car. Instead, get soap specifically tailored towards cleaning cars for not only the best results but to protect your car from harmful chemicals that would instead damage the exterior.

Cloths and Wash Mitts

It may be tempting to use whatever rags or paper towels you have around, but if you want the best clean for your car and to avoid potentially scratching the paint, you should use of specially made wash clothes or wash mitts. They’re both effective at removing dirt and grime while handling your car with the care it needs to avoid damage.

Wax and Polish

After you’ve given your car a thorough clean, you should consider adding a fresh coat of wax and polish to the exterior. Not only does the wax protect the paint from fading under the sun, but such detailing will also help avoid damage from the weather such scratches, stains, and rust. A good polish will also give your car a great glossy look so that it looks fresh and new.

Don’t Wash In the Sunlight

As we mentioned, the sun’s UV rays are harmful and will fade your car’s paint. Because of this, our last tip for the perfect at-home car wash is to wash your car under a shady area. Not only will this shield your car from the sun while you apply a new coat of wax, but the heat of the sun will dry water and soap too quickly during the cleaning process, leaving behind water and soap stains.

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