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Organization Tips for Setting Up Utility Vans

Organization Tips for Setting Up Utility Vans

In any service industry job, there are many technical details that require complex specialty tools. With such a diverse array of equipment, keeping tabs on tools is the key to successfully and skillfully completing any task. A big part of any technician’s job is dedicated to the upkeep of equipment and keeping it accessible.

Business owners and managers can help cut time from these mundane tasks by giving technicians the right system to keep everything they need in an accessible space. For many types of service work, this space is usually built into a work vehicle. With such a necessary part of the job relying on these spaces, every entrepreneur with a fleet needs to employ good organization tips for setting up utility vans.

Organize by Size and Weight

When designing a layout for a working space, keep in mind the basics of organizing. Sort gear based on size and weight. The heaviest and biggest items will need to be on the floor of the van. In general, reserve large spaces for any tools that need to be pulled or carted rather than lifted. Remember to leave plenty of wiggle room. While a tightly arranged wall of tools might be attractive, the space is useless if workers must waste time and energy trying to finagle free their supplies.

Medium size and weight items should be carefully secured in spaces toward the center of the layout to minimize exhaustion caused by constantly stooping to lift or place moderately heavy equipment. Small and light items best benefit from drawer trays, labeled boxes, or pegboards with hooks that tools won’t rattle free of. By utilizing a smart and simple layout, a well-thought-out organization system can dramatically improve the efficiency of workers.

Plan Lighting in Advance

No list of organization tips for setting up utility vans would be complete without mentioning the importance of lighting. Ultimately, the lighting needed depends on the details of a van’s design. For the most part, sunlight does the job of keeping the exterior and interior of a work truck visible. However, shelves deeper in or higher up may need some help.

Additionally, it’s a good idea to plan for the possibility of late shifts and evening hours. Consider adding supplementary lights along the van’s ceiling. Vans with exterior wall storage may also need additional lights or the inclusion of a floodlight that can be set up near the van.

Manage the Odds and Ends

Once you begin to work with the smaller items toward the top of the shelves, try to maintain the same mindset as before. While it may be tempting to just toss the last pieces into any available drawer or space, this is a shortcut that will come back to haunt you.

The more time that goes into strategizing space, the less time your technicians will need to put into rearranging or searching. Essentially, the goal is to create a layout that is easy to understand and even easier to maintain while on the job.

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