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Why You Should Choose a Used Car Over a New One

Why You Should Choose a Used Car Over a New One

We can all agree—the smell of a new car is intoxicating. Nothing can stir our impulse to buy like sitting inside a brand-new car, fresh from the factory. Our suggestion? Don’t sit in new cars. Instead, order a “new car smell” spray and choose a used car over a new one to save a lot of money, and at the same time, get a better car than if you bought new.


Purchasing a used car rather than a new one will instantly save on cost and save you the embarrassing moment of sticker shock. Used cars undeniably cost less than new ones.

In a new car, you are paying for a machine that is shiny clean and yes—smells fabulous. But is a great smell worth thousands extra?

The new car salesperson will tell you it’s a greater value, but they won’t tell you that value will diminish quickly.


Cars depreciate about 20% after one year of driving. That’s quite a loss in value. As a matter of fact, the greatest time of depreciation is within the first few years.

That’s why purchasing a car that is already a few years old is a wise choice. Depreciation tapers off and you won’t waste money on a car that is losing value quickly.

A Learning Experience

Imagine the amount of money that could be saved buying an older, used car that needs a little work? This is a great idea if you have newer drivers at home and want to teach them how to fix things on a car.

If fixing a car up is the goal, another great idea is to search for a salvage car and restore it. The lessons learned this way will last a lifetime and save a lot of money as repairs are made at home.


When you choose a used car over a new one, car insurance rates are often lower, creating another cost savings. This is especially important to remember with younger drivers, as insurance companies charge more for them.

Higher-End Car

If luxury is your thing and so is saving money, then buying a used car offers a better chance of getting all of those bells and whistles you enjoy, without the hefty new car price tag.

In conclusion, used cars are a better investment than new. Take your time shopping around and you are sure to find a great car with great savings.

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