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Farm Structures That You Can Build On Agricultural Land

Farm Structures That You Can Build On Agricultural Land

If you’ve newly acquired agricultural land or plan to expand what you do on your farm, you’re probably going to need to create some new structures. At the same time, there may be certain agricultural zoning restrictions in your area set in place to ensure that you continue to use farmland productively. These are some farm structures that you can build on agricultural land to aid in the raising of crops and animals.


Silos are buildings dedicated to holding large stores of grain. The grain may be corn or hay that you use to feed your animals, or it may be something that you plan to sell commercially. For commercial grains, your silo needs to be sealed tightly and have internal temperature regulation to maintain the grains’ condition. Regular silos are often made of wood or concrete, though the temperature-controllable ones may utilize more metal materials instead. Regardless of their purpose and specific design, silos are usually vertically tall and have ventilation at their tops to let out gases that grains give off when they ferment.


Barns are multipurpose, hallmark farm structures that you can build on agricultural land. The way you plan the layout of yours, as well as how you use it, will depend on what you do on your farm. You can store hay and grain, as well as farming equipment in the barn, for one. It’s also possible to put stalls in a barn so that it can offer shelter for animals, such as sheep, cows, or horses. If you keep animals there, your barn can serve as a useful place to care for them. For example, you could build a horse barn to include a wash bay area and places to store saddles and brushes.

Equipment Storage

If you want a place to keep your farming equipment completely separate from other things so that it receives the best protection from moisture and the outdoor elements, you could construct an equipment storage structure. These typically appear as large sheds with multiple garage-like doors that allow you to easily drive vehicles like tractors in and out. As you plan out the design, think about placement and size. You want your equipment storage building to sit close to your home so that you have quick access to your tools and machines. It should also have enough space to allow you to perform maintenance and repairs on equipment.

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