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How To Make Long Road Trips More Bearable

How To Make Long Road Trips More Bearable

Road trips are one of the best ways to spend your summer vacation. Whether you’re flying solo or taking the entire family, you’ll always find something amazing when you set off on America’s highways. That said, road trips can also come with a lot of stress. Spending hours in a cramped car with the same people gets tiresome, especially if you have younger kids, tired passengers, or a stressed driver. When it comes to staying comfortable during those long driving days, it pays to have a plan. Here’s how to make long road trips more bearable no matter who’s in the car with you.

Stop and Stretch Your Legs

If you have a lot of miles to cover in a day, you’re probably hesitant to add too many stops to your itinerary. However, breaks are a good way to split up your day and let everyone stretch their legs. Staying cooped up in the car for too long leads to cramped muscles and restless energy. Stop at rest stops to take a short walk and get some fresh air. Sit down somewhere for lunch instead of eating on the road. You can also make your breaks into a fun destination in and of themselves. For example, Colorado’s many national parks are popular road trip destinations, but the state is also full of smaller roadside attractions to explore between your big stops. Swinging by local museums, odd attractions, and other stops are a great way to take a break and have some fun during driving days.

Fuel Up

Your car isn’t the only thing that needs fuel to keep going. An empty stomach makes everything more difficult. No one wants to ride around with grumpy passengers until the next food break. Packing the right snacks is a huge part of how to make long road trips more bearable. Healthy snacks, such as sliced fruit, granola bars, or nuts, can help keep passengers full and happy during those long hours on the road. Additionally, make sure everyone has a water bottle that they can fill up at every stop. While it might lead to more bathroom breaks, staying hydrated will help everyone stay healthy throughout your trip.

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