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Packaging Design Elements That Catch People’s Attention

Packaging Design Elements That Catch People's Attention

Much more goes into effective packaging than simply explaining a product. While the informative text is a big part of customers ultimately taking a chance on a new product, often this is a less notable factor. The first details that draw the eye to a product on a shelf are often visual cues that intentionally spark interest. Using packaging design that catch people’s attention effectively often makes the difference in how well an item performs commercially.

Using Color Effectively

Anyone interested in design should start with color. More than just decoration, different colors elicit subtle emotional responses. For instance, yellow tends to be a cheerful color and reminds people of lemonade and summer. Reds are often romantically associated and are also great for packing action into a design.

Additionally, using complementary and other combinations of colors cause designs to pop out, making them easier to spot. By carefully targeting the emotional needs of customers that would benefit from a product, businesses can appeal to target audiences directly.

Personality in Shapes

The shape too plays a big part in using packaging design that catches people’s attention. Different forms have interesting psychological influences that are often deeply underestimated. Our ability to inherently understand shape in more ways than simple geometry terms has been proven in studies such as the Bouba/Kiki effect. Often companies employ different effects in custom package design to try to engage curious hands and eyes to investigate closer. Using shapes in the package itself as well as the labeling is a very powerful design tool.

Images that use organic curves tend to be calming, whereas sharp edges and diagonals bring an action to mind. Additionally, sturdy shapes like columns remind people of order and invoke a sense of reliability. Finally, mixed-up shapes are great for fun designs that are intended to encourage curiosity and playfulness.

Expression Through Font

Fans of cinema are well aware of the instant effect a well-chosen font has. Combining the influences of shapes and color, fonts further influence the addition of written messages. The most impactful way to use fonts is by coupling a style and phrasing that work in tandem. A good way to reference words that are powerful when written in certain fonts is to look at the name of the font itself.

For instance, Chiller is the name of a font that is reminiscent of horror genre media. As such, it’s a popular choice for package designs around Halloween since it instantly informs the customer with its unmistakably spooky visual cues.

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