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How To Decide Between a Jeep Hardtop or Soft Top

How To Decide Between a Jeep Hardtop or Soft Top

As we reach the summer months, more and more Jeep owners begin to flex their Wranglers’ removable tops, taking them down for a unique driving experience. The rooftop is a notable feature on all Jeep Wranglers, revered for its customizability and amenability. In this article, we’ll cover how to decide between a Jeep hardtop or soft top by looking at the pros and cons.


Most Jeep hardtops are made of sheet molding compound (SMC) resin to provide the utmost durability. Here are a few considerations when opting for a hardtop.



Given their structure, hardtops are the much more durable option of the two. They can withstand more impact and will last longer because of this.


Not only does a hardtop effectively protect you when at the wheel, but it also protects you from vehicle theft while you’re away. Car thieves have a harder time getting through hardtops than soft tops.


Whether you’re avoiding winter chill or summer heat, a hardtop will do a more effective job. Its valuable insulation also offers a less noisy ride.


Still Susceptible to Jeep Flaws

Hardtops still experience common Jeep flaws, such as the death wobble or leaking. Routine maintenance and preventative care for leaking Jeep roofs can minimize these issues.

Hard to Remove

Removing and reattaching a hardtop has proven to be challenging for Jeep owners, since it lacks flexibility.

Pricey to Replace

Once your hardtop requires replacement, get ready to cough up a hefty check. Substituting your hardtop for a new one is a costly experience.

Tricky to Store

Since they don’t fold up, you’ll need extra space to store your hardtop should you take it down.

Soft Top

When learning how to decide between a Jeep hardtop and soft top, see why some folks prefer a soft top, as well as issues you may encounter with one.



Because of their makeup, soft tops can also get folded and stowed in small spaces easily.


You can easily remove and restore soft tops atop your Jeep. They’re great in a pinch, such as when beautiful weather does a 180 on you.


For Jeep owners on a budget, a soft top is the way to go, as your options start as low as $200.



Soft tops are much more susceptible to damage than hardtops. They are also easier for carjackers to hack if they see something valuable inside.


Since they lack insulation, soft top Jeeps are quite noisy, which can irritate some drivers.

Winter Troubles

The lack of insulation poses an issue in the winter, too. Your heating system will have to work overtime to create ideal interior temperatures; the same goes for the summer and your Jeep’s AC system.

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