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What To Do If Your Truck Flips Over

What To Do If Your Truck Flips Over

Knowing what to do if your truck flips over is a vital part of being a safe, responsible driver. Nobody ever wants to imagine they’ll be in this position, but it helps to stay prepared. Read on to learn a basic understanding of some safety procedures to follow in case of a tumble.

Also, it’s worth noting that this article gives advice that specifically applies to pickup trucks, which for the sake of readability, will be referred to simply as “trucks.”

Be Calm

Hearing advice to remain calm while your truck flips through the air seems impossible at best and condescending at worst. But panicking will only cloud your judgment and make it far more difficult to complete the steps that will take you to safety.

Brace Yourself

One reason it’s vital to learn what to do if your truck flips over is that we don’t intuitively understand how to brace for this impact. Many drivers will immediately feel the urge the grip the steering wheel during a flip.

However, gripping the wheel is a mistake. The force applied to the tires will transfer to the steering wheel, which could do serious damage to your hands and arms. Instead, fold your arms across your body and use your legs to hold yourself in place. You should also be careful to keep your head away from the roof of the truck in case it collapses on top of you.

Exit the Truck

As soon as the truck has stopped rolling, inspect yourself and other passengers for injuries and turn off the ignition. If you leave the engine running, you risk a fire.

Watch for broken glass and metal as you exit the vehicle. There may be flames or gasoline nearby. If you smell or see either, exit the truck as fast as you can.

Call 9-1-1

Make sure you watch for traffic as you move away from the truck. Immediately call 9-1-1 and prepare to answer a series of questions about your condition. Police officers want to understand your level of danger, so make sure to describe your condition and the conditions of your passengers.

Repair or Get a New Truck

A flipped truck likely experienced serious internal and external damage during the accident. Depending on how well you have taken care of your engine, you may need to either make repairs to your truck or get a new one. The cost will depend on your insurance and the extent to which other drivers were involved in the accident.

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