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Different Types of PPE for Firefighters

Different Types of PPE for Firefighters

It comes as no surprise that a position dedicated to combatting fires has its hazards. Scorching embers, collapsing buildings, sharp and falling objects—you encounter plenty of threats during firefighting missions. Fortunately, protective equipment manufacturers have evolved their products over time to ensure the safety of first responders everywhere. Effective firefighting PPE is a crucial aspect of every firefighter uniform—and, in some cases, can save lives. Discover different types of PPE for firefighters to assure you have everything you need to create a comprehensive uniform.

To Protect Your Head

A firefighter’s uniform is incomplete without protective headgear. Explore a few uniform components that prioritize cranium safety.

Fire Helmet

Whether you resort to traditional leather or opt for modern composite materials, a firefighting helmet is an essential protective feature. Fire helmets are designed to protect first responders from both heat and falling materials. Helmets contain varying elements that indicate fire department, station, and rank.

Safety Goggles or a Face Shield

To safeguard your vision, you should always carry safety goggles. Well-performing goggles shield your eyes from harsh environments, which you’re more than likely to encounter when firefighting.

If you prefer not to wear goggles, you can equip your helmet with a face shield for the same effect. Nowadays, helmets are often sold with a face shield built in to offer maximum face protection.

To Protect Your Body

When it comes to your torso and appendages, you’ll need the following to keep safe.

Turnout Jacket and Pants

Turnout gear uses two-layer fabric to repel heat on the outside and moisture on the inside. The material wicks away sweat while the exterior fabric thrives even through the hottest temperatures.

Most turnout gear displays vibrant or reflective features to increase firefighter visibility. High visibility is especially important for situations with lots of smoke.

To Protect Your Extremities

Don’t forget that your hands and feet are just as susceptible to damage as the rest of your body. Last, but certainly not least, on our list of different types of PPE for firefighters is equipment to make sure you leave your job with all your digits.

Different Types of Gloves

You must wear thick, durable gloves when firefighting to protect your hands from hot or sharp objects. The quality insulation and thick material used to create firefighter gloves enable you to safely navigate through blazing structures.

Sturdy Boots

Firefighting boots are heavy-duty and often reinforced with metal in the toes and soles to best shield your feet from hazardous materials. You’ll find that most firefighter boots are both highly durable and waterproof, providing you with the necessary versatility.

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