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What To Do With Your Dog if You Go Out of Town

What To Do With Your Dog if You Go Out of Town

Planning a vacation or trip can prove stressful enough when you have to account for so many factors. Transportation, lodging, finances, and more may weigh heavily on your mind before you leave. However, if you have a dog at home, you have to come up with a plan for their care while you’re gone. Knowing what to do with your dog if you go out of town will help you make arrangements for your pup. Ensure your pup receives the care and attention they need while you’re absent.

Pet Sitter

If you want your dog to remain at home and you’re comfortable with someone staying there while you’re gone, consider a pet sitter. This usually feels more comfortable if you ask someone you know. However, if you can’t find a friend or acquaintance to care for your dog, it might not be a good idea.

Leaving your home to someone else could cause you stress while you’re away. Plus, your dog will have a much easier time staying with someone they recognize as opposed to a stranger.

House Visitor

Consider finding someone who can stop by throughout the day to provide food, change the water, and let your dog out. Turn to a neighbor or someone else who can keep an eye on your house without needing to stay there.

However, this only works if your dog is old enough to stay in the house without supervision. Don’t use a house sitter if you have a puppy or if your dog requires special care. Account for factors like temperament, self-regulating abilities, and any illnesses before proceeding.

Dog Boarding

Explore everything you need to know about boarding your dog before deciding on a kennel or pet hotel. Read ratings and testimonials online. Evaluate schedules, charges, accommodations, policies, and the facility itself before making a decision.

Knowing what to do with your dog if you go out of town can prove especially difficult the first time. Once you find a way to provide your dog with care while you’re gone, you’ll have an easier time in the future.

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