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Which Flooring Should You Install in a Rental Property?

Which Flooring Should You Install in a Rental Property?

As a landlord, you want to make your rental property safe, comfortable, and valuable for your tenants. Your flooring choice influences all three of these factors. The right flooring will make each space feel secure, clean, and welcoming. Renters will also pay more for better quality floors, which means the right flooring choice will boost your market value and earn you more income. Which flooring should you install in a rental property? Weigh the pros and cons of the most popular options with this guide.


Laminate flooring offers a lot of benefits for its relatively low cost. This affordable option consists of a high-resolution photo surface on top of a fiberboard backing. Laminate can mimic the appearance of hardwood, tile, or any other beautiful flooring option. Its easy installation and durable surface make it a cost-effective choice for many properties. However, laminate will never look as beautiful as real wood or tile. Additionally, laminate flooring won’t hold up over the decades the way authentic wood, stone, or ceramic tile floors will.


Hardwood flooring is a high-end option that adds beauty, value, and durability to your property. You can attract more tenants and rent your property at a higher price if it contains well-maintained hardwood flooring. However, hardwood floors are more sensitive to water and moisture damage, which can cause warping, buckling, and splitting in the planks. That’s why many property owners turn to engineered hardwood instead. Though engineered hardwood can still expand with humidity changes, it offers better moisture resistance than solid hardwood.


When considering which flooring you should install in a rental property, carpet is a warm, soft, and comfortable choice. This type of flooring works great in cozy living rooms or luxurious bedrooms. Carpet’s noise-dampening properties also make it an ideal choice for buildings with multiple rental units. However, carpet requires more intensive maintenance and care than other flooring options. You’ll need professional cleaning and frequent replacements to keep your property’s carpet looking like new. If you don’t keep up with a proper cleaning routine, you can end up with stained, torn carpet that repels tenants.

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