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Activities for Memorial Day Weekend

Activities for Memorial Day Weekend

The beloved three-day weekend is in woefully short supply. Fortunately, one of our rare days off is fast approaching, as we observe Memorial Day on the final Monday of May. The day devoted to the memory of our fallen service members gives us space to stretch out and begin the summer season, but it’s also one that demands some contemplation for why we have that space. Balance the thoughtful and the fun with these activities for Memorial Day weekend 2021.

Plan a Downtown Staycation

With a three-day weekend at your disposal, you have the time to make a quick trip to your nearest major city and take in some of the sights you may have missed over the past year. Whether it’s a day trip or a one-night stay, you can enjoy zoos, museums, baseball games, and everything the big city has to offer. Remember that many of these cultural attractions still demand limited capacity and reservations, so plan well in advance to make sure you can schedule everything you want to see.

Get Away From It All

Downtown traffic and transit not your thing? Maybe a camping trip is in the cards instead. As many state parks and forest preserves reopen, you can make the most of late May weather and spend part of the weekend outdoors. If you’ve been working from home and spending hour after hour on a laptop in your guest room, the great outdoors may appeal to you.

Fire up the Grill

Whether you’re a propane partisan or a stickler for charcoal, it’s not Memorial Day without a cookout. Officially inaugurate the summer of ’21 with some of your expert grilling for your family and friends. Make sure to feature the favorites—hot dogs, hamburgers, the old standbys no patriotic cookout can do without—but use the day to get creative as well. Break up the meat monotony with some grilled vegetable skewers or grab the foil and try some grilled fish.

Don’t Forget What Matters

Every year, we take advantage of warm weather and time off to plan lots of activities for Memorial Day weekend, but we shouldn’t lose sight of why we have this holiday. Along with your well-earned recreation time, don’t forget to honor those who gave their lives for our continuing freedom by flying your American flag with pride and setting time aside for more solemn observances. This should allow you to enjoy your freedoms even more.

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