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Fire Sprinkler Inspection Checklist

Fire Sprinkler Inspection Checklist

A fire sprinkler system will do a lot to protect the inhabitants of your building. Your employees can work with peace of mind knowing that they’ll be safe in case of a fire. However, you have to make sure that your sprinklers stay operational. If you don’t inspect your sprinklers, you could miss an issue that could spell disaster.

Do some preventative maintenance with regular sprinkler inspections each month to make sure they’re doing their job. To help you out, we’ve prepared this fire sprinkler inspection checklist.

What To Look for Each Month

As we stated, you should make the rounds to inspect your sprinklers once a month. You never know when one of your units may experience an issue or failure. Common problems that occur include:

  • Lack of cleaning and maintenance
  • Busted components
  • Shut-down systems

If you can’t remember the last time that you checked your sprinkler heads, then it’s time to do so today. You’ll need to take a close look at the valves and gauges of your sprinklers to make sure they’re in working order. And if you find an issue during your inspection, then you need to call a fire safety company right away. That way, you can receive the proper maintenance that you need to fix your sprinklers.

Valve Checklist

The first thing you should take a look at is the valves for your sprinklers. You should make sure that they are:

  • Easy to access
  • Free of any leaks or holes
  • Without visible damage
  • Properly labeled
  • Checked in case of backflow prevention
  • Positioned in the opened state (this is essential)

As long as your valves check all the boxes here, they’re good to go. If you discover any of these issues, then you need to call a maintenance service immediately—especially when it comes to the backflow preventer, which always needs to be in quality condition. Make sure you understand how backflow prevention devices work, and then you’ll know what exactly to look for!

Gauge Checklist

Next up are your gauges. These are vital components for your sprinkler system, so you need to make sure they’re in good working order. Here’s what to look out for with a wet system:

  • Make sure the gauges have no visible damage or holes
  • Ensure they’re maintaining proper water pressure

If you have a dry sprinkler system instead of a wet one, you need to look for different things. Here’s what to keep an eye out for in a dry sprinkler system:

  • Make sure the gauge on the dry pipe valve has normal water pressure
  • Confirm that the gauge on the quick-opening device has the same pressure as the dry pipe valve

Hopefully, this fire sprinkler inspection checklist gives you the general idea of what to search for. Don’t hesitate to reach out for a professional’s opinion!

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