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Everything You Need To Start Playing the Drums

Everything You Need To Start Playing the Drums

No matter your age, drums are a great instrument to start, especially if you’re the energetic type. The best part is the investment financially isn’t bad if you’re a beginner and are willing to start with the bare minimum. Either way, full set or a drum pad, you’ll learn to play the drums. We’ve got some advice for everything you need to start playing the drums.

Stick With the Basics

To just get by you need very little. This is a great idea if you are not sure you’ll like the drums and are just giving them a shot. Here’s a list of what you’ll need to just get by:

  • Drumsticks
  • Drum pad
  • Stool

A drum pad can sit anywhere, but it’s best to practice hitting it while sitting on a drum stool, so you’ll feel comfortable as you work your way up to a drum kit. A drum pad is a special pad designed for drummers to practice with. It isn’t loud like real drums, but it will give you a fairly accurate representation of the real thing. Most importantly, it’s great practice for a beginner to start feeling the beat to the music.

Always use real drumsticks, not a pencil or something shaped like a stick. Drumsticks come in a few different materials. The most common is wood, and that’s a great place to start. Buy several because when you get rocking, they’ll start breaking.

A Step Up

If you enjoy drumming, you’ll tire of the bare minimum pretty quickly. The next step is a basic acoustic drum kit which has everything you need to start playing the drums. The basic set consists of 5 pieces and are typically the following:

  • 2 tom-toms
  • Floor tom
  • Bass drum
  • Snare drum

The snare drum is known for its sharp staccato sound, while the tom-toms are similar to a bass drum, with that classic drum sound we expect. Along with the basic kit, you’ll have your stool for sitting at the drum—and of course, plenty of drumsticks.

There’s another option for when you’re ready for a basic set, and that would be electric drums. The electric set is a full set like the acoustic kit, but the bonus is you can wear headphones while playing, just in case your friends and family don’t appreciate the art of a joyful noise. They even have volume control. Some prefer the real feel of the acoustic set, while others enjoy or need the electric.

How To Learn

You’ve got the equipment—now what? Well, if you’re a natural, start playing along to your favorite playlist to rock out to. Before you know it, you’ll start hearing how the different drums are used. After a while, or even before that, lessons from a professional can only take your drumming skills further. A professional drum instructor helps to get your stance right, the way you hold the drumsticks, and of course, how to hit each drumhead. If anything, it’ll give you someone to drum with.

We’ve never met anyone who regrets learning an instrument, and drums are a great option. They’re always needed in bands, and let’s face it—for those of us who don’t play, we sit back and wonder how in the world drummers do it.

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