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Signs You Are Falling in Love

Signs You Are Falling in Love

Falling in love ignites such intense feelings, doctors and scientists have studied brain chemistry during that time just to learn about the fascinating transformation that takes place. If you haven’t a clue what we’re talking about, you can probably rest assured, you haven’t yet fallen in love. Let’s look at the signs you are falling in love, not only to confirm for those who wonder, but also to bring back memories of those who once were.

You Think of Them Nonstop

A few minutes here and there after a couple of dates is expected. However, every 30 seconds, along with a goofy smile on your face, is a bit time consuming, right? Well, if you’re in love, you simply don’t mind. All you want to do is think about this person and you simply can’t help it—your mind wanders there without asking.

Racing Heart and Butterflies in the Tummy

Just the thought of them causes your heart to race and your stomach to tie in knots. This is a clear symptom of falling in love; just be careful and take your time. Excitement over someone ensures great chemistry, but don’t assume chemistry means they’re the one. Enjoy this infatuating period of falling in love and butterflies in the tummy but take your time in making sure you are both compatible.

Dreaming of the Future

There you sit at your desk, head resting on your hand, and completely spaced out and dreaming of a home with a picket fence and your new love by your side…until your coworker snaps you out of it.

One of the signs you are falling in love is dreaming of a future together. If that’s you, look out, you are heading for the good stuff.

Loss of Appetite

Some of you are thinking that if you must lose your appetite, is love really worth it? Those who have gone before would answer with a resounding, “yes!” Falling in love actually turns our stomach, causing loss of appetite in the very early stages. Don’t worry though. It passes and soon you’ll enjoy being foodies together.

You Find You’re Open To New Ideas

Your friends could never get you to go skiing but suddenly you’re talking like a professional downhill ski bunny. If you find yourself wanting to try new things your partner enjoys, you are probably falling in love. If not, you’ll let them know you may not be their type. Also, expect your friends to give you a really hard time about this one.

So, there you have it. What did you decide? We are guessing if you’re currently in love, you didn’t need our help. If you have to question it, then maybe you aren’t. Either way, when in doubt, give the relationship a little time and see what happens.

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