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Signs Your Vehicle’s Exhaust Needs To Be Fixed

Signs Your Vehicle’s Exhaust Needs To Be Fixed

Many motorists have no idea how intricate their exhaust system is. Whenever you mention it, they just picture the exhaust coming out of their tailpipe. However, the exhaust system is a vastly intricate system of pipes and chambers that protect you. If you had no exhaust system, you and your passengers would breathe in dangerous gases. That’s no way to travel, which is why you need to make sure your exhaust system is in excellent working condition. There are some telltale signs that your exhaust system needs maintenance. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of signs your vehicle’s exhaust needs to be fixed.

A Noisy Muffler

Is your muffler making extra sounds? Can you hear your muffler even over loud music and conversation? If so, you may have a faulty exhaust system or even a leak. Another sign to look out for is a slight vibration in the steering wheel. That’s a sign that you have a pretty significant leak.

Loose Heat Shield

Your exhaust system has a component called a heat shield. It consists of plates that insulate the exhaust system to keep it cool. If your heat shield gets loose or becomes faulty, your car could risk overheating. If your heat shield is loose, you’ll know because you’ll hear an abrasive sound. It sounds like shaking a big metal can full of pebbles. If you hear this sound, take your car into the shop immediately for repairs.

Loss of Fuel Economy

Have you noticed depleting fuel economy from your car? Can you no longer make trips on one tank that you used to? If so, your exhaust system is probably on the fritz. When your exhaust works appropriately, it will:

  • Increase your fuel economy
  • Make sure your vehicle is getting the maximum miles per gallon

When it isn’t working correctly, these perks will both disappear. Take your car into the shop if you’re not getting the same mileage that you did before.

Missing or Busted Catalytic Converter

Remember that sound we mentioned earlier about the heat shield? Well, you’ll hear a similar sound if your catalytic converter is busted or missing. Sadly, catalytic converters are common targets for criminals. If you hear that loud rattling sound, your catalytic converter may have been lifted by a thief. Take your car in for repairs as soon as you can.

So, there are some essential signs your vehicle’s exhaust needs to be fixed. When going in for repairs, make sure your mechanic is using the best parts and components for your vehicle.

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