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The Different Types of Product Packaging for Farms

The Different Types of Product Packaging for Farms

Do you run a farm? If so, then you should know how important it is to use reliable produce packaging for your products. Fruits, vegetables, plants, and more all have their own packaging needs. If you use the proper packaging, you’ll preserve the food longer as well as save money on shipping. Attractive packaging can also help out with product branding. If you can develop safe, unique, and affordable packaging, customers will drift toward your products. Are you unsure what type of packaging to use for your agricultural products? Here, we dive into the different types of product packaging for farms.

Clamshell Cartons

If you’re transporting a lot of fruit, then clamshell cartons are what you need. They’re perforated, which allows the fruit to breathe. You can use clamshell cartons for limes, lemons, apples, bananas, and more. In total, there are three types of clamshell packaging for fruit. They are:

  • Closed packaging: These don’t feature any perforation, but they have a thin film. The film allows the fruit to breathe and enables gases to pass through.
  • Micro-perforated packaging: This type of packaging features lots of tiny holes to help the fruit breathe. Gases and air can also pass through.
  • Macro-perforated packaging: Huge holes ventilate the box and the fruit.

Fiberboard Trays and Boxes

Fiberboard is a very durable and versatile material. Trays and boxes made of fiberboard are common choices for vegetables. Therefore, if your farm exports a lot of vegetables, you should consider investing in fiberboard packaging. It also has excellent strength when wet, which prevents breaks and spills. You can also recycle corrugated fiberboard, furthering its appeal.

Stretch Film and Poly Bags

You’ve seen these at any grocery store. They’re stretchy plastic bags you can use to transport fruits and vegetables. Buying stretch film in bulk is also very affordable. Since stretch film is transparent, it allows the customer to view what’s inside the bag without opening it.

A high-performance stretch film can also withstand harsh environmental conditions. If your farm ships many fruits and vegetables, consider purchasing poly bags and stretch film.

Pumpkin Bins

These bins are made from durable cardboard, and they can hold many pumpkins. They’re enormous, and they feature holes for ventilation. You’ll want to buy some pumpkin bins if your farm grows a lot of this type of produce each year.

With the right assortment of the different types of product packaging for farms, you’ll find much more success with your produce. We hope you use this guide to preserve your food and save your farm money.

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