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2 Tips for Asking for Help with an Addiction

2 Tips for Asking for Help with an Addiction

Many people hesitate to reach out when they need support. Pride, embarrassment, or uncertainty can cause someone to keep an issue close to their chest—even when they know they need help. This is particularly true with addiction. Many people suffering from substance abuse disorders struggle to name the problem themselves, let alone talk about it to other people. If you’re facing an addiction problem, remember that the people in your life want to help. Your loved ones care about you and will support you even through hardships. Reaching out is one of the first steps to finding the help you need. Make it easier with these tips for asking for help with an addiction.

Learn To Recognize the Signs

One of the hardest parts of asking for help is admitting to yourself that you have a problem. It’s much easier to ignore your growing addiction or attempt to explain it away as a short-term issue that you don’t have to worry about. Even if you can admit to your struggles in private, saying these things out loud to someone else proves challenging. That’s why it’s important to learn about the early signs of addiction. When you can better recognize your situation as serious and dangerous, it’s easier to admit to and act on the growing problem.

Start With Someone You Trust

It’s okay to start small. One of the best tips for asking for help with an addiction is to first reach out to a single person that you trust. This can be someone who you know won’t judge you or even a close friend who has dealt with addiction in the past. While you might still be nervous about talking to this person, confiding in a single friend is easier than trying to tell multiple people at once. Plus, telling one person means you have someone on your side when you decide to confide in others or seek other forms of help.

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