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Tools That Can Increase Senior Safety

Tools That Can Increase Senior Safety

As we age, a lot of things become more difficult. This is just the truth for most people. However, this doesn’t have to take away personal freedom or self-reliance, especially with new technologies helping to mitigate a lot of these difficulties. Some simple changes and investment into tools that can increase senior safety will give back that personal freedom, while still being safe.

Personal Emergency Response Devices

One of the biggest and simplest tools that increases senior safety is a personal emergency response device. These are little devices you can wear or carry that will alert professionals, such as the police, when something happens. It usually only requires a simple push of a button to get medical help for any type of emergency situation.


Canes are amazing tools for getting around. They support you when you walk and can look quite stylish while doing so. They also have other uses, like pushing objects out of your way or extending your reach. They can even assist you in using the stairs, if done safely.

Stair Lifts

Stairs can be one of the most challenging obstacles to navigate, as they are very dangerous and can take a lot of energy to climb. That is where a chair lift can be very handy. Installing a chair lift gives unrestricted access to the different levels of a building with little hassle.

Medication Regulators

Honestly, anyone who takes medicine regularly could use one of these. There are several medication regulators that alert you when you need to take your medicine. There are some that even record what medicines you’ve already taken, so you don’t accidently take your meds multiple times a day.

Motion Sensor Lighting

Walking around in the dark is a recipe for disaster and trying to find a light switch is dangerous. Motion sensor lighting can light a room without needing a manual light switch. This provides light in your home without any of the dangers.

These are just some tools that can increase senior safety. There are plenty of other tools and things you can do to increase the safety of seniors in a home.

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