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Essential Maintenance for Automotive Hand Tools

Essential Maintenance for Automotive Hand Tools

If not properly maintained, automotive hand tools can often be finicky or unsafe in their functionality. Even so, many ignore the warnings and never seek to maintain their tools. Doing so leads to less than adequate performance, or an unsafe work environment altogether. This article will outline the necessary steps one must take regarding the maintenance of automotive hand tools.

Pneumatic Tools

Pneumatic tools are potent tools controlled by air pressure. Because of this, checking the air hose that connects the tool to the air compressor for dirt, grime, and oils is a necessary step of tool maintenance. Emphasizing cleanliness on the exterior of the tool ensures that the internal parts do not get exposed to any unwanted particulate that may be present in the work area.

Checking the compressor filter is another crucial area of pneumatic tool maintenance. This ensures no intake of any dirt and grime that could make its way through the compressor.

Automotive Sanders

Automotive sanders fill a significant role in the auto body restoration realm. As such, emphasis on making sure they are kept in working order is vital. While they are a widely used tool, their maintenance is simple to track. For one, making sure you are using them on appropriate surfaces is essential to the tool’s life. You can verify which surfaces you can use the sander on by looking at the instruction manual included with the tool.

Cleaning the sander is the other important part of sander maintenance. As its purpose is to rub off paint and metal, the sander itself can get dirty from debris. Having a proper cleaning regimen in place can eliminate this issue.

Car Polishers

Car polishers are standard tools that are usually part of a car body shop’s arsenal. Their purpose is to clean the metal of the car by polishing it with a mildly abrasive paste. If the polisher is not kept clean, debris could stick to the pads and scratch the paint—the opposite of what it is designed to do! To rectify this, inspect the pad for any abrasive particles that should not be on there.

The other part of car polisher upkeep is paying attention to the speed controls. A problem with the speed controls can lead to a worker’s injury or the destruction of an automotive body. Clean the internals of the machine periodically to ensure that everything is in working order!


As always, one of the most important things one can do for maintaining your hand tools is to train your workers in the proper handling of such tools. Knowing how to handle the tools in the first place can lead to increased knowledge in their appropriate maintenance. In most cases, improper handling leads to tools needing maintenance in the first place.

Maintenance for automotive hand tools is essential for a safe and effective working environment. Without proper upkeep, you may be putting your clients’ cars and your workers at risk of injury. Ensuring that all tools are kept in a better-than-just-functional order ensures that every instrument in your workshop will last longer than expected.

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