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Signs You Should Replace Your Warehouse Pallets

Signs You Should Replace Your Warehouse Pallets

When businesses use pallets to ship, unload, and stock inventories in warehouses, pallets experience various external stressors. While the lumber of pallets can withstand these stressors, pallets still require inspections and replacements.

If warehouses neglect to replace their warehouse pallets, they risk having pallets breaking on site. These breakages could cause severe accidents and damaged products. To learn more about how the most significant signs you should replace your warehouse pallets, keep reading our blog below.

Tilted Racks and Beams

One of the most common signs you should replace your warehouse pallet is the appearance of tiled beams and racks. When manufacturers overload pallets with large shipments, the weight of these products can wear heavily on lumber and steel nail materials.

If you notice panels or boards of your pallets tilting, this is a common sign that your pallet has deteriorated to the point of damage. Continuing to use pallets with tilted racks is highly dangerous. When a pallet snaps, any products above or beneath the broken beam will be susceptible to damage. Replacing damaged pallets is one of the most effective ways warehouses can prevent damaged stock.

Broken pallets can also put nearby employees in danger. Protecting the health and safety of your warehouse workers is essential. Avoid these disasters and keep your staff safe by performing routine inspections to find pallets with tiled racks.

Pest Infestation

Whenever pallets are traveling through different environments, there’s a chance that pests could infiltrate the lumber of warehouse pallets. Some wood species are more susceptible to problems than others, depending on the hardwood or softwood material used in pallets.

Not only will the presence of pests compromise the safety of stock, but these insects could also cause extreme damage to pallets if left unattended. If your warehouse staff notices pests near or on pallets, have your pallets inspected immediately.

Most Common Pests Found in Pallets

  • Spruce bark beetle
  • Emerald ash borer
  • Asian long-horned beetle
  • Pinewood nematode
  • Sirex woodwasp

Visible Wood Damage

As pallets travel across the country, these containers are often roughly handled. Loading and unloading shipments of pallets can easily cause damage to wood boards and racks if not handled with care. Although preventing human errors is not entirely possible, warehouse managers can take precautions to assess the conditions of their pallets upon arrival.

If pallets have sections where lumber is thinner, frayed, or discolored, then they need to be replaced. Avoid the hassle of replacing warehouse pallets and rearranging products by conducting inspections upon new pallet arrivals.

Knowing when to replace warehouse pallets will help prevent unnecessary costs and keep your warehouse workers safe. Maintain the morale and productivity of your warehouse by performing routine inspections and frequently checking on the condition of your pallets.

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