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Genius Ways To Keep Customers Coming Back

Genius Ways To Keep Customers Coming Back

Many businesses shut down because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Those that remained open must do everything in their power to stay afloat. Here are some genius ways to keep customers coming back for those who want to increase profits.

Redo Your Website

Almost everyone started shopping online because of the pandemic. You need to accept the fact that this change may be permanent and redo your website. The more user-friendly your website is, the more likely people will return. Make sure that your website has the following features:

  • A frequently asked questions (FAQ) page where people can go to get quick answers to their questions.
  • Category pages that make it easier for people to find what they’re looking for.
  • Full descriptions for each item, so people know what they’re buying.

Update Your Loyalty Program

Another genius way to keep customers coming back is by revamping your customer loyalty program. Consider implementing a system that better rewards your loyal customers for spending their hard-earned cash with you during this tough time. You can establish a points-based system, in which people get points for every purchase they make. You could also set up a tier system in which people can increase in level and get rewards based on the number of purchases they make. For example, repeated customers will become platinum level and get the ultimate rewards, whereas those who just started would be basic.

Training Employees

Your business will only be as successful as your staff is. No one will make return purchases if your staff is rude or inattentive. You must ensure you train your staff properly so they treat everyone well. The same goes for online shops, too. Online businesses have chat features in which people can talk to employees and get answers to the questions they have.

COVID-19 has taken so much from so many people. Many business owners were forced to shut their doors altogether. Those who have managed to stay open must work hard to get customers coming back—whether they’re online or in person.

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