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Healthier Alternatives to Soda to Break Your Habit

Healthier Alternatives to Soda to Break Your Habit

Many people find themselves addicted to the sweet taste of soda; however, overconsumption of this unhealthy beverage can lead to many different health issues. To combat this, many people look for healthy alternatives. In most cases, you can easily replicate the taste of regular soda, provided you use these simple tricks. Without further discussion, here are three healthier alternatives to soda to break your habit.

Fruit Water

Fruit water is not only healthy and yummy but extremely easy to make. First, add any strong citrus flavor—such as lemons, oranges, and limes—or even fruits such as pomegranates and passion fruits to a large container of water. Then, let the container sit in the fridge for a little bit, occasionally stirring until you have refreshing and healthy fruit water.

Made-At-Home Soda

Carbonation draws a lot of people to soda. In the past, it was exceedingly expensive for the average consumer to do on their own. However, there have been recent developments in the home carbonation industry, and because of this, carbonating your own water has never been easier. If you love that full feeling that soda gives you from carbonation, then look no further! As well, you do not have to settle with plain carbonated water since you can easily add any juice concentrate before carbonating it. If you do this, you can make your own carbonated flavorful sodas!

Use Natural Flavor Additives

Along with adding fruit, you can use several sugar-free and sugar-filled additives to create your own flavored water. Many health-conscious people, for example, have made their own concentrates from fruit. Fruit concentrates can come in any flavor—from cherry to pineapple—and maintain a healthy and respectable level of natural sugars.

Making your own healthier alternatives to soda to break your habit can be straightforward. Between carbonating and flavoring your water and making your own fruity concoctions, staying healthy while satisfying your soda cravings has never been easier. Whether you dislike the taste of water or crave something more filling, you can always find a creative way to make a flavorful drink. Premier H2O water produces water free of any hard minerals and tastes great. If you are looking to upgrade your water source, contact Premier H2O today!

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