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The Most Common Landscaping Problems

The Most Common Landscaping Problems

Most homeowners dream of a lush, green lawn surrounded by flowers, shrubbery, and trees. You’ve tried everything imaginable to achieve this magnificent oasis in your own backyard, but despite your efforts, your lawn is full of dead grass.

Why is this happening? Learn more by reading about the most common landscaping problems and some solutions.

Dead Sea (of Grass)

You plant some grass and eagerly wait for it to grow. Time passes. One morning, you walk outside to the sight of lush grasses. You go to bed, and the next morning, you walk outside to find the grass inexplicably droopy and dead.

Unfortunately, some climates and soil types don’t provide optimal conditions for grass. If you live in an extremely hot or cold area or have soil comprised primarily of sand or clay, you might have a hard time growing and maintaining healthy grass.

You can’t change the weather. Consider installing turf as a replacement for real grass. Turf is almost indistinguishable from grass—plus, it’s low maintenance and can endure even the toughest weather conditions.

If your problem stems from the soil, try planting grasses better suited for sand or clay-based soil, such as zoysia or bahiagrass.

Pools of Water

The next most common landscaping problem is standing water. Do you live in a swamp? The ground is covered with puddles and you can’t navigate your yard without equipping some knee-length rain or muck boots first. What’s the problem? It’s the drainage. Improper drainage causes rainwater to accumulate.

How do you solve drainage problems? You can build swales, holding ponds, dry wells, or French drains, to give a few examples. An experienced landscaper can help you find the best solution for your lawn.

Fairy Rings

Mystical fairies make their presence known by leaving behind rings of mushrooms known as fairy rings. Your lawn is covered in mushrooms. Does that mean a bunch of fairies have been living rent-free on your property?

That’s debatable, but one thing is certain. You have a whole lot of mushrooms, and probably zero clue what to do with them. You can pull them up, but because of an extensive root system hidden down below, they’ll eventually regrow.

Preventing mushrooms from growing in the first place is easy. Fungi are attracted to moisture and decaying organic material. By removing leaves, buried lumber, and old mulch, you can keep mushrooms away from your property.

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