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Reasons Maintaining Construction Equipment Is so Important

Reasons Maintaining Construction Equipment Is so Important

Whether you’re overseeing or actively working on a construction project, you rely on your equipment to operate as it should. A hiccup that occurs when a piece of equipment breaks down or malfunctions can cause significant problems. It could delay project completion and result in a costly repair bill. These are just a few reasons maintaining construction equipment is so important.

Ensure Safety

One of the top reasons it’s crucial to maintain construction equipment is to ensure the safety of all personnel. No worker wants to get injured on the job, and no company wants to enter a lawsuit. Regular maintenance allows crews to discover, fix, or replace worn, failing, and damaged parts before machinery breaks down or malfunctions. For instance, if a crew notices signs that its hoist system needs replacing, it can take steps to prevent injuries preemptively. When used alongside fine-tuned safety protocols, regular inspections and maintenance minimize potentially devastating risks.

Ensure Timely Project Completion

When construction equipment is not consistently maintained, the chances of having a piece of equipment (or more) out of rotation increases exponentially. But how do you ensure all of your equipment receives servicing without skipping a beat on the job site? One of the best ways to do this is through a rotation. In addition to preventing equipment from being out of service for days, weeks, or even months, cycling out equipment for servicing allows you to incorporate maintenance into the daily grind.

Boost Efficiency

Efficiency is essential on a construction site, and it’s the focus of many managers. The more efficient the equipment, workflow, and crew are, the better. Maintaining construction equipment is one of the best possible ways to optimize efficiency in all three of these aspects. By regularly checking for wear, damage, and other signs of trouble, you can have more confidence in your machinery and your crew. Furthermore, you can achieve timely project completion.

Save Money

Well-maintained construction equipment prevents financial losses due to unexpected repair bills, extended project completion dates, and even lawsuits. While many can argue that the cost of routine maintenance is expensive in itself, the costs of poorly maintained construction equipment are far greater in the long run. Long-term costs include:

  • Hefty repair bills
  • Premiums for emergency services
  • Attorney retainers and court fees
  • Increased fees from extended equipment rentals
  • Lost business due to declining client satisfaction stemming from extended project completion dates

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