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Reasons Your Dryer Isn’t Working Properly

Reasons Your Dryer Isn’t Working Properly

You have a basket of sopping wet clothes that need drying, but no matter what you do, the dryer refuses to help out. It won’t turn on or it isn’t drying correctly. Either way, something is obviously wrong.

If you’ve been having a hard time trying to get your dryer to work and are considering line-drying, hold on. You might not need to break out the clothesline and clothespins. Learn about some reasons your dryer isn’t working properly and how to fix them.

Too Much Laundry

First thing’s first. How much laundry are you cramming into your dryer? If the dryer is stuffed to the brim with socks, shirts, and pants, don’t be surprised when they come out half-dry. Dryers work by heating up your clothes with warm air. The warm air turns the water in your clothes into steam. The steam is then pushed out by a strong burst of air.

Overloading the dryer can block the airflow. This results in the steam becoming trapped in your clothing. The humidity created by this steam slows down the drying process, which is the reason your clothes don’t seem to be drying. The solution to this problem? Dry your laundry in smaller batches instead of all at once.

Sneaky Critters

The next reason your dryer isn’t working properly is because of critters. That’s right. Sneaky little critters, happily curled up in the nest they built in the air vent. Small creatures such as birds and mice are drawn to the warmth and shelter that dryer vents provide.

But despite the vent being cozy, it isn’t the safest or most convenient place for these critters to live. Obstructions in the vent can cause the dryer to malfunction. You might notice that drying times are twice or even three times as long as they used to be. Obstructed vents are a common cause of house fires.

If there are small animals nesting in your vent, the solution is to remove and relocate them. You can do this yourself or have a professional handle the job for you.

Lots of Lint

The lint trap collects lint from your laundry before it enters the vent. However, lint traps can only trap lint. They can’t remove it from your dryer. That’s why you must regularly remove this lint.

But if you forget to thoroughly clean the lint vent following each use, a few problems can arise. For one, it can start a fire. Lint is highly flammable. Secondly, it can impede airflow and make it harder for your dryer to quickly and efficiently dry laundry. If you notice the lint trap is looking a bit full, make sure to clean it out prior to tossing in a load of laundry.

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