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How To Make School More Relevant To Students

How To Make School More Relevant To Students

Summer is here, and school is out. Yes, teachers should enjoy this hard-earned break, but they should also be planning for next year. For example, they should be thinking about how to get kids more engaged. This is a guide on how to make school more relevant to students, so it hopefully increases their participation.

Evidence-Based Learning

Many people dislike school because they learn things they are most likely never going to use. One tip on how to make school more relevant to students is to teach them evidence-based learning. Evidence-based learning essentially teaches students life skills along with their regular curriculum. Students learn how to cope with emotions like anger and disappointment, all while learning other things. Perhaps if students felt they were learning valuable skills, they’d be more engaged.

Primary Sources

Teachers should also think about using primary sources in their lessons to make them more relevant. A primary source is any resource from the current time period—a tweet can be a primary source. Again, the hope here is that students see something that applies to them, making them want to learn.

Useful Field Trips

Surely, every student loves going on a field trip because it gets them out of class for the day. However, teachers must capitalize on this opportunity by creating useful field trips. Where can a class go where they’ll actually learn something? How does it apply to real life and what you’re learning in class?

Not every student loves going to school; in fact, there are more than a few students who despise traditional teaching methods. So, it’s up to teachers to try and make the curriculum more relatable and interesting to students. The best way to do this is to teach them life skills and use primary sources. In addition, planning useful field trips will also make school more enjoyable and exciting.

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