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Reasons To Own a Full-Size Wheelchair-Accessible Van

Reasons To Own a Full-Size Wheelchair-Accessible Van

When you or someone you love has a disability, you should consider obtaining a vehicle that accommodates everyone’s needs. But with all the options out there, this decision isn’t always easy. If you’re trying to decide on a vehicle that will meet your needs with enough space to keep everyone comfortable, consider a few reasons to own a full-size wheelchair-accessible van.

Higher Weight Carrying Capacity

Full-size vans are larger than most vehicles, so they come with a higher capacity for weight. Compared to a minivan, a full-size van offers a significantly higher weight capacity. It can accommodate the weight of a wheelchair—perhaps even two.

While weight carrying capacity varies across each make and model, full-sized vans are more likely to accommodate a heavy wheelchair, multiple adults, and luggage with ease. Some can even carry multiple wheelchair users without nearing their weight capacity.

Space for Movement

A full-size van is larger than a minivan, which means they offer significantly more space to move around. This keeps you and other passengers from feeling cramped, and it also makes it easier for the wheelchair user to enter and exit the vehicle and to do so independently.

A caretaker can also maneuver the space with greater ease. With more floor space, people can move about the vehicle to attend to different needs without crouching down or tripping. This is especially beneficial to wheelchair users who require assistance during travel.

Drivability Features

A common misconception about full-size vans is that they’re more difficult to drive—but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Full-size vans are larger than the average vehicle, but they handle the same as an average SUV or minivan. These vehicles are designed for long hauls and feature both comfort and functionality.

Larger Seating Capacity

One of the main reasons to own a full-sized wheelchair-accessible van is the fact it can hold more people. Many smaller vehicle options can only accommodate a driver and an additional passenger in addition to the wheelchair user. A full-sized van can accommodate a driver and up to four other passengers safely.

With full-size wheelchair-assessable vans, you can hit the road with your friends, your family, and anyone else who you want to invite. This is perfect for families that want to travel together in the same car.

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