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The Best Trade Jobs for Veterans

The Best Trade Jobs for Veterans

After finishing up their service to the country, some veterans use government money to pursue a college degree before getting back into the workforce. However, schooling isn’t the route everybody wants to take, whether it’s due to lack of interest or a desire to work with their hands. Luckily, trade jobs can be just as lucrative for those with the know-how and determination. That’s why we’re going over the best trade jobs for veterans who are looking to get back into the workforce.


If you are a vet who just finished your active service, then becoming a firefighter might be one of the best jobs you can take. You’re still in great shape, you’re used to carrying heavy equipment, and putting your life on the line to save others is a concept you’re accustomed to.

There are new aspects to the job that you’ll have to learn, such as putting out fires and layering your fireproof clothing properly, but since you’re already prepared for the other parts of the position, picking these skills up should be a breeze.

Aircraft Mechanic

For those who were in the Air Force, this one should sound like a dream job. Being able to continue working with planes after your retirement from the service is a perfect fit, even if you’re working on commercial aircrafts instead of fighter jets.

Despite your experience, you might still need to go through formal training and get certified. After doing that, you will be working in one of the highest-paying trade jobs that exist. Starting pay can earn you over $60,000 a year; and it’ll only go up from there!

Geological and Petroleum Technician

If one of your favorite parts of joining the military was going to other areas of the world, then this technician role might be a good position for you. The central part of the job is assisting scientists while they explore unknown areas, looking for natural resources. Any prior knowledge you have on that topic will surely help, but the other key area of the role is repairing and maintaining the equipment that they will use on the trip.

Although we mentioned that trade jobs are best for vets who aren’t interested in pursuing a college degree, this one might require a two-year program before you can start. However, we still wanted to include it since you might be able to get it simply by taking free, relevant training, depending on your prior experience.


Our final suggestion in our list of best trade jobs for veterans is a classic one: becoming a plumber. Being in the military might have given you some experience in dealing with pipes, but even if it didn’t, this is a pretty easy trade to pick up that pays surprisingly well.

The best part is, as long as we continue to need water and gas for our homes, we will continue to need plumbers. It’s a stable job that can’t be outsourced. Plus, it’s also a helpful skill to have in your everyday life.

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