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Essential Items Teachers Must Have In Their Classrooms

Essential Items Teachers Must Have In Their Classrooms

Teachers are integral to the education of the youth. They are the cornerstone for future generations and thus impact society significantly. However, being a teacher is no walk in the park. Teachers must create their own lesson plans for each unit that help every student. At the same time, they must maintain rules and practices for their classrooms. Teachers also need their classrooms to be places of learning, so they must eliminate distractions. So, there are some essential items teachers must have in their classrooms. These supplies will make them ideal places of learning and value for students.

Sanitation Supplies

It doesn’t matter if you work with elementary students or high school seniors; you need to keep proper sanitation in the classroom. It’s up to you as the teacher to ensure cleanliness and access to sanitation supplies. Therefore, stock up on facial tissues, anti-bacterial wipes, and hand sanitizer. Remind your students these items are free to use at their disposal.


Your school may already have whiteboards installed in its classrooms, but if not, it’s a good idea to invest in one or consult your administration for one. Dry erase whiteboards are essential parts of the classroom. They’re great for onsite notetaking or lesson planning. Remember to invest in dry erase markers, and an eraser, so you and your students have something to write with. You may even consider an interactive whiteboard with smart technology for broadband technological implementation.


Although your students will likely pack their own school supplies, it doesn’t hurt to invest in extra utensils to keep around the classroom, such as pens, pencils, erasers, tape, scissors, glue, rulers, and other everyday school items. Students lose their supplies all the time, especially easily misplaced objects like writing utensils. By stocking up on classroom supplies, your students have no excuse not to be ready for the daily lesson.

Storage Containers

Some other essential items teachers must have in their classrooms are storage containers. This may apply more to new teachers who bring personal objects from home to their classrooms to make them more comfortable for themselves and their students. Still, any teacher who needs extra space should consider bringing in storage bins, shelves, and tubs. These come in handy when you’re purchasing extra utensils and sanitation supplies. Classrooms have limited space, so some more storage containers will save you much-needed room as you store these items.

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