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Furniture That Provides Storage Space

Furniture That Provides Storage Space

If you think the old homestead is looking a bit dreary and drab, it might be time for new furniture. But perhaps there’s only so much space to spare in your home, and you’re worried that adding the wrong furnishings will just add to the clutter. Here’s an alternative—pick up furniture with secret (and not-so-secret) compartments to stow your stuff. Need a few ideas? Here’s furniture that provides storage space while adding beauty and charm to your domicile.


Benches are versatile, beautiful, but often unappreciated pieces of furniture. Many view them simply as backless chairs and imagine they must be uncomfortable, bulky, and purposeless. Nothing could be further from the truth. Depending on their placement and the room they decorate, benches can provide a comfortable place to rest, read, work, eat, dress, and more. They’re also handy as low tables in your foyer, providing a place to stow keys, cash, books, lamps, and more. And when you buy a bench with a storage area, you have an unobtrusive spot to store items you use infrequently, such as games or extra blankets.


Chests are one of those not-so-secret places to keep things, but that really depends on where and how you set one up in your home. On its own and out in the open, a well-finished and handmade chest makes a lovely addition to any room, holding blankets and pillows in the TV room or toys in the kids’ playroom. If you don’t often need to recover the things you store in a chest, fill and then cover it with a tablecloth to turn it into a coffee or end table. Speaking of coffee tables…

Coffee Tables

Whether they have a top that lifts or flips to reveal a deep storage space or they feature shelves underneath, coffee tables are smart-looking, convenient, multi-purpose ways to keep things off the floor. You can obviously use your coffee table storage to hold coffee table books, but it can also keep unsightly DVD and video-game cases, cords, and similar audio-visual technology out of sight and out of mind. Use dividers and storage boxes to separate compartments and make special areas for remote controls and other easy-to-lose objects.


When considering furniture that provides storage space, don’t forget the possibilities that beds afford. Naturally, raised beds offer space underneath to store any number of items. Just stay on top of the dust bunnies down there! Some beds, however, provide wood and metal bed frames with drawers and similar storage space. Get out of bed and get dressed without crossing the room because the bed frame’s drawers eliminate the need for a bureau or cabinet!

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