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The Most Common Mistakes Made by New Farmers

The Most Common Mistakes Made by New Farmers

The process of starting your own farm is both incredibly rewarding and lucrative to those who succeed. In fact, many in the agriculture and livestock industries can’t imagine themselves doing anything else. However, the first steps are full of potential errors to make, and knowing what some of them are is vital to avoiding them as you proceed. These are some of the most common mistakes made by new farmers and how you can make the very most of your start-up endeavors.

Forgetting To Make a Plan

Like with any other type of business venture, it’s essential that you have a plan for starting up your farm. These strategies go into the details surrounding your brand, including where you’re located, who you’ll sell your crops to, and what you want to grow. This plan also traditionally covers your start-up budget and a list of tools you’ll need to meet your goals. By knowing these things ahead of time, you’re putting yourself in a good position to avoid catastrophic mistakes down the line.

Planting the Wrong Crops

As you’re drawing up your initial business plan, you might also be at risk of choosing to grow the wrong type of crops. After all, not all plants will thrive in every location. Even the composition of the soil can impact how well specific species grow. Because of this, you should do extensive research into what grows the best in your area and what you’ll need to yield the largest quantity possible.

Purchasing Too Much Land

Another of the most common mistakes made by new farmers is to purchase too large of a plot on their first try. While you might initially think the more land you have, the better, this isn’t the case for those just starting out. Land also needs to be properly cared for, so the more you have, the more resources you’ll need to keep it in useable condition. It’s recommended that you lease a smaller plot at first and slowly acquire more land.

Failing To Account for Accidents

It’s common for beginning farmers to ignore potential dangers. At the end of the day, the agricultural industry uses a lot of powerful machinery, and these items can cause severe injuries to those who are ill-trained or negligent. For this reason, it’s crucial that you have a qualified farm injury attorney on speed dial to protect you in these cases. These professionals will ensure that all victims are compensated—including you if necessary.

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