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The Importance of Sewer Line Maintenance

The Importance of Sewer Line Maintenance

When you picture a sewer, you probably picture a dark, dank, rat-infested underground tunnel full of dirty, grimy wastewater. While you’re not off-point, sewers are not something to ignore. In fact, they serve a great purpose in protecting residential and commercial properties by pushing wastewater away from these buildings towards water treatment facilities where it’s converted into clean, usable water. More so, sewage maintenance can have serious consequences if neglected. Here’s a brief guide on the importance of sewer line maintenance and what you should know in case there’s a clog or issue with your plumbing.

Ensures Proper Plumbing

Sewer lines ensure your home has proper plumbing throughout its pipes. Sewer lines transport bodily waste and wastewater from residential and commercial properties to water treatment plants. If these lines clog at any time, it causes serious plumbing issues. Water pressure decreases, and waste builds up and floods the bathroom. Therefore, it’s important to keep these lines drains and maintained to avoid any water damage to a property’s interior and ensure proper drainage.

Shields Water From Harmful Substances

Given that sewers transport urinary and fecal waste away from buildings, when these lines are broken or clogged, it exposes people to hazardous chemicals and substances. Sewers are a large breeding ground for harmful bacteria which can cause serious illness if it comes in contact with the water supply. E. coli and other serious illnesses affect those who drink contaminated water. People may also unknowingly ingest hard metals, lead, or other harmful compounds which poison the body.

Prevents Property Damage

The last thing to know about the importance of sewer line maintenance is that sewers protect buildings from further property damage. Perhaps one of the biggest mistakes homeowners make when it comes to proper sewer line maintenance is waiting until the sewer clogs. While a small clog may not seem that severe, it can build up and lead to greater foundational issues. Blockage in pipes leads to bursts that can spread sewage water all over the interior of a building. Not only is this a momentous repair, but too much water can weaken the property foundation and lead to mold or other health hazards.

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