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5 Things You Learn in Cosmetology School

5 Things You Learn in Cosmetology School

The five things you learn in cosmetology school are how to color, cut, style, sanitize, and add hair to a style, as well as about the human body as it relates to cosmetology.

How To Style and Cut

One of the essential things you’ll learn during your time in cosmetology school is how to style hair. Some of the top hairstyles to learn in cosmetology school are finger waves, blow dryer styles, and styles achieved with flat and curling irons. Styling is vital because it can put the finishing touches on a hairstyle.

If you want to practice styling at home, you can get a doll head or mannequin to practice on so you don’t damage your own hair. One of the things you learn in cosmetology school is how to cut hair with clippers. You’ll also learn how to trim off dead ends of hair, cut a bob, and layer. In addition, it’s important to learn how to use scissors over clippers or a comb while cutting to prevent errors. If you are interested in the art of removing hair with a razor, you will have to attend a barber college.

How To Color

When you learn how to dye hair, you’re gaining a skill that will help you make money as you serve people who wish to change their hair color. Part of learning how to dye hair is knowing the difference between complete and incomplete dyes, as well as how to lowlight and highlight. Of course, you can also learn some of these techniques on YouTube, but be careful—you don’t want to appear in someone’s failed hair-dying compilation.

How To Sanitize Hairs

In cosmetology school, you’ll learn how to sanitize hair by washing and conditioning it. Sanitizing hair is the most crucial part of the process because it’s what relaxes clients and gets them comfortable with you. When setting up your shampoo area, ensure that it’s not cluttered. Don’t forget to teach your employees the art of massaging the scalp.

How To Add Hair

Another thing you’ll learn in cosmetology school is how to add hair to the hair the client already has. You never know when a client may want a bit of extra volume, so learning to braid and add extensions into someone’s hair will come in handy. The other methods you may discover are installing micro links and glue-ins.

About the Body

One of the five things you learn about in cosmetology school is about the body. You’ll likely take at least one course on the anatomy, biology, and physiology of the body. These topics are important to know about because you don’t want to hurt anyone and should always use the right equipment.

In addition to learning how to do hair, you will learn how to give manicures and pedicures. You will learn how to properly treat someone’s nails. When you view the nail beds and scalps, you will be able to identify specific health issues before servicing clients. You will also learn other useful skills, like how to arch eyebrows with the tool or thread.

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