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Reasons Fencing Is so Effective With Livestock

Reasons Fencing Is so Effective With Livestock

Keeping livestock may seem simple enough, but these animals require quite a bit of care. Most of the care that they require relates to their grazing patterns and protection against predators. Fencing is a useful solution to both of these issues. In fact, there are many reasons fencing is so effective with livestock, which we will observe below.

Establishing Boundaries on Your Farm

Knowing your property line should be a priority when owning a large estate, especially as a farmer with livestock. The most important thing is ensuring your fence makes a strong visual statement. This fence will allow other farmers and landowners to know where their property line ends and where yours begins. This will keep everything separate for both parties so that there is no confusion while keeping their lots in order.

Land and Pasture Management

When the livestock is grazing on your land, they will need to be herded to different areas so that the pasture can recover from spots where grazing previously took place. Over time, this will make the land very healthy, as it will be naturally fertilized and managed through the means of your livestock simply getting in their daily nutrition. Without proper fencing, your livestock will find themselves on other people’s land when it’s time to grace—and other livestock may enter your land. So it is of the utmost importance that you have functional fencing like cattle panels and wood posts for livestock if you have a farm.

Protection From Pests

What most people fail to realize is that there are many pests that can cause trouble on a farm. From scarecrows to fencing, farmers always must strategize and come up with tactics to scare away unwanted wildlife.

For instance, animals like rabbits can eat your healthy grain and produce. This is bad because neither you nor your livestock benefit when another animal is consuming your food. There are also wild cats and dogs that can become a real nuisance, scaring your livestock and causing a mess on your farm. Predatory birds are also an issue, as they can take over your land and prey on smaller animals you may be raising.

So, from establishing borders to controlling feeding habits and even preventing predatory animals, a farmer’s job is never done. Fencing is one of the most important aspects of farming, as it shields your livestock and produce from any unwanted visitors and keeps everything in bounds on your property. And that is why fencing is so effective with livestock and why you should invest in a decent fence if you own a farm.

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